Property Management

About Us
Thank you for your consideration in Tom Fouts property management.  Tom Fouts property management started in 1962, successfully managing each and every property in our portfolio. With over 45 years of experience in asset management, we have a wide-range of experience in management, marketing, and maintenance of commercial and residential properties of all sizes.

Marketing Policy

Tom Fouts accepts the challenge of marketing ALL rental properties effectively. Tom Fouts markets properties via internet ads, flyer distribution, and posting signs/ banners on the property. Market rent surveys are done to ascertain competitive market rents in any particular location.  


Tom Fouts property management has been managing property since 1962.  We currently manage over 300,000 square feet of commercial property along with apartments and single family properties. 


Units are shown to prospective tenants at their convenience, including evening and weekend hours by appointment.  Parties interested in leasing a unit are asked to fill out a detailed rental application and provide identification such as a driver’s license, social security card, and a current tax return.  Then, the information is verified on the application by calling the employer, present and previous landlords.  We only accept satisfactory level of earning, credit, and positive rental history.  Once accepted, the prospective tenant signs the lease which has extensive safeguards for the property owner.  With this proven screening process, unnecessary turn-overs and evictions are avoided. 

Rent Collections

Tenants are required to pay rent by the first of the month and are charged late fees accordingly if rent is late. This encourages prompt payment.  We monitor rent collection and contact any delinquent tenants.   

Building Maintenance

We believe that a well-kept building will attract quality tenants. In order to prevent unnecessary tenant turnover and owner expenses, we frequently inspect the premises of the property to avoid small problems from turning into big ones.  Our maintenance personnel handle common repairs and make vacant units rent ready by necessary painting and carpet cleaning. We handle all complaints from tenants and provide resolutions to problems.

Accountability and Record Keeping

Keeping an accurate paper trail is essential. All income and expenses for a property are handled through Tom Fouts Commercial accounting department. Copies of receipts, bank deposits, and check stubs are kept in the property file. Copies are mailed to the owner each month with their disbursement check on the tenth of each month. The owner is provided with a monthly-computerized statement of income and expenses for their records.